Serving the people of East Hanney

Here are some recently asked questions

When are the skips provided by the Parish Council in the village?

East Hanney Parish Council plans to provide skips on alternate months as follows:

At the Hanney War Memorial Hall:

April, August and December.

At Snuggs Lane:

June, October and February.

Will our Council Tax fall Why is nothing simple? Unfortunately the answer isn't. Your Council Tax is made up of 4 elements - OCC, VWHDC, Thames Valley Police and the Parish (i.e. us). The first three elements are the same across the county, that is, every household pays the same amount in each band. Those three authorities control how much that is.

The Parish bit is called the Precept and that is controlled by the Parish Council.

What should I do if I spot a problem? Contact the relevant Councillor, the Clerk or fill in the form.

Can I attend a Parish Council meeting? Yes, see here.

What can the PC can do for me?

Although not exhaustive, here are some of the things we do for you:

  • Influence Planning Policy and development affecting East Hanney parish.
  • Consultation with the District Council on local planning applications and make plans available to local residents in respect of local planning applications.
  • Provision, maintenance and cleaning of bus shelters.
  • Award grants to assist the local community e.g. clubs, community infrastructure.
  • Provision and maintenance of play areas and play equipment.
  • Receive, manage and monitor the resolution of local issues such as blocked ditches, playground equipment safety, obstructed footpaths and rights of way.
  • Enhanced litter picking (community litter picking events)
  • Pursuing the provision of sports and recreational facilities.
  • The Parish couincil is a source of information for local residents on this website, our Facebook page and the notice boards.
  • Provision of public open spaces.
  • Provision of dog waste bins.
  • Protection of rights of way.
  • Provision of extra litter bins.
  • Influencing decision-makers at regional and national level in matters affecting local residents (e.g. waste disposal, transport, road systems, the environment etc).
  • Assisting the local community in crime reduction and speed awareness initiatives
  • Enhancing the environment through street art and careful planning.

What have the PC done for the village?

Again not exhaustive, here are some of the things we have done in the last year:

  • Tirelessly worked with the planning committee, public and developers to deliver an environment which everyone can enjoy and live in.
  • Held several public meetings to inform the parish of large planning applications.
  • Attended public meetings to object to over development in the Parish.
  • Started the Neighbourhood plan.
  • Monitored and managed development to ensure it complies with the permission granted.
  • Developed websites and Facebook pages to keep the parish informed and up to date.
  • Provided new playground equipment with a value of over £16,000 replacing aging equipment.
  • Contributed towards speed awareness initiatives to keep our streets safer.
  • Appealed for assistance with ditch cleaning from developers in Ebbs lane.
  • Continued to manage Parish finances to ensure the Parish is financially sound and capable of future investments.
  • Conducted an audit of the parish assets, compiling a list which can be audited and accounted for.
  • Field Security - planned and implemented changes to the field security to reduce the risk of unuathorised vehicle access and damage.

Last updated: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 11:02