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Parish Recreation Facilities Plan

East Hanney Parish Council are developing an exciting plan to improve facilities across the parish and we want your views. These facilities may be partly funded from recent housing developments, section 106 funds, which have to be spent within strict time-lines and on specific projects. The projects are often defined by the agreement between the Vale of White Horse District Council and the developer, and are very precisely worded. So specific in fact that they leave little scope for change, however there are some which can be influenced, and this is where we invite East Hanney residents to get involved.

You are encouraged to join the virtual Full Council meeting in November (on to hear the proposed projects which include sports and leisure, art and other infrastructure. You can also find more details online at

At that November meeting, the Council will be resolving which projects to pursue first and how any shortfalls will be met to make full use of the funding available. Members of East Hanney community are welcome to attend, address the Council and hear the discussions. A (socially distanced) public consultation exercise will also be undertaken in due course.

The picture shows a detailed plan of the new layout.

Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger image.

The Parish Council is planning on investing around £350,000 in improving the recreation facilities in the village. A dedicated and regularly updated page can be seen on the Councils website at parish-facilities-plan.html. Much of the funds will come from developer Section 106 contributions, but the Council will be depleting its reserves and seeking a loan from the Public Works Loans Board to make up the difference. The plan comprises:

  • Relocating and extending the existing wooden pavilion to provide improved facilities, possibly including a self-service café.
  • Defining and improving local cycle and walking routes to promote non-vehicle transport across the village.
  • Significant expansion and improvement of the village play area.
  • The installation of an outdoor gym and trim trail stations around the edge of the fields.
  • More benches on the fields.
  • A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) of standard size (35mx18m), aimed at recreational sports for all ages including tennis and basketball.
  • BMX, skate, scooter ramps.
  • A Community Orchard
  • An extension to the overflow carpark.
  • Football pitch improvements project.
  • Football goals and Rugby Posts for recreational use.
  • A second cricket net.

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) and Carpark

The Council published a public tender for the MUGA and carpark on the 11th January 2021. The tender may be seen on the the Government's website here.

A copy of the tender paper is below.

  • 20210111 MUGA & Carpark Tender paper (PDF, 417 Kb)

    New MUGA and car park to be built at the rear of the War Memorial Hall, Brookside, East Hanney, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 0JL

    Section 1 Introduction

    1.1 East Hanney is a village in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, England. With a population of 748 as of the 2011 Census. The village is north of Wantage and lies alongside the A338. The site is the heart of the village with the village hall, shop, school, playground and tennis courts all close by.

    The village has recently seen an increase in size, giving rise for additional recreational and parking facilities. Provision of a MUGA to meet village needs and additional car parking is a key part of our plans subject to permitted development or relevant planning permission.

    The Parish Council wishes to receive tenders for the creation of a new MUGA and car parking.

    1.2 The land upon which the MUGA and Car Park are to be provided is owned by the Parish Council who are also responsible for the maintenance of the surrounding sports facilities and fields. Save that part of the sports fields to the West of the sports fields is owned by a neighbouring Parish.

    Access to the area where the MUGA and Car Park is to be provided is through East Hanney PC land and the contract for the development and provision is solely with East Hanney Parish Council.

    1.3 The MUGA and car park is to be provided on an area of flat land which is easily accessed from the existing village hall car park. See Appendix 2 for site location map.

    1.4 The contract will be procured under the open procedure - meaning that all bidders who successfully express an interest will automatically be invited to tender. All those who enter a valid tender will have their tenders, method statement and pricing evaluated.

    1.5 Any expression of interest must be submitted following the procedure detailed in Section 2 by noon on 1st February 2021 by submitting the completed form in Appendix 3

    1.6 Any questions relating to this tender must be submitted by 19th February 2021 and addressed to the Parish Clerk:





    OX12 0JL

    All questions and answers will be distributed to all companies or organisations that have submitted tenders by 28th February 2021.

    1.7 All tender submissions must be received by noon on 19th March 2021 by email to the address above in 1.6 with subject line MUGA & Car Park Tender Submission

    1.8 Tenders received after the closing date will not be considered

    1.9 Tenderers should note that they may be asked to attend a meeting (online if necessary) to present their submission and answer questions. Tenderers will be contacted in advance should this be required.

    1.10 The contract will be awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender in accordance with the public contract regulations 2015, and made up of Quality, Assurance and Price where quality is 30%, assurance 15% and price 55% of the MEAT.

    Quality (30%) is made up of the following factors:

    • Product - quality of materials and finish
    • Resources - the equipment, plus facilities and IP which the tenderer intends to use on the project
    • Methodology - successful description of the methods used to deliver a specified result. Including methodology of approach and required outcomes of the project. Site tidiness and clean up.
    • Features which provide improved usage by residents

    Assurance (15%) is made up of the following factors:

    • Relevant Experience -- previous experience demonstrated in the tender which is in relation to the tender.
    • Past Performance - - performing past projects, on time, to quality standards, within budget, good project management and product value
    • Technical Skills - - the competence of key management, professional and technical personnel applicable to this tender.
    • Warranty & Guarantee - demonstration of warranties and guarantees, who the warranty and guarantee is underwritten by (if appropriate), how many years the warrantyguarantee is for and any restrictionslimitationsconditions.

    Price (55%) comprises of the total cost:

    • Cost - The cost is the sum that the council will be required to pay the tenderer for the work or service provided.
    • Value for money Features which would help value for money

    Total 100%

    1.11 Site visits to previous works may be requested to verify the claims made in any tenders.

    Section 2 Instructions to Tenderers

    2.1 It is the responsibility of the tenderers to obtain at their expense any additional information that is required

    2.2 All information supplied by East Hanney Parish Council should be treated as confidential.

    2.3 All information submitted may be shared by the council to other parties unless you expressly request it not to be shared and explain why it should not be shared. Simply marking the information as confidential will not suffice, this information may still be shared.

    2.4 The timing for these procedure and works will be:




    Advertisement Placed

    11th January 2021


    Tender Documentation Sent

    18th January 2021

    +7 (7 Days)

    Last date for expression of interest

    1st February 2021

    +21 (14 Days)

    Accompanied Site visits (if requested)

    1st - 12th February 2021

    +33 (12 Days)

    Closing dates for questions

    19th February 2021

    +40 (7 Days)

    Response from Council to questions

    28th February 2021

    +50 (10 Days)

    Closing date for tender submissions

    19th March 2021

    +68 (18 Days)

    Members to meet and review tenders

    6th April 2021

    +88 (20 Days)

    Interviews (if deemed required)

    16th April 2021

    +98 (10 Days)

    Selection Ratified at Parish Council Mtg

    4th May 2021

    +115 Days (18 Days)

    Tender Award date

    TBA - subject to section 106 funding

    Approx. 120 Days

    Contract Start Date

    By the start of August 2021 and take no longer than 6 weeks to complete - unless agreed otherwise in writing

    Section 3 - General Information Required from Tenderers

    3.1 Organisation Identification

    Name of the company in whose name business is to be transacted

    Name of the company:

    Contact Person:

    Registered Address:

    Tel No:

    Company No:

    Email Address

    Please indicate below your primary business activity and the geographical area.

    3.2 Legal Information

    What is the status of your organisation (delete as applicable) sole trader, limited liability partnership, public limited company, private limited company, charity.

    Date of formation

    VAT registration number (indicate if not applicable)

    Are there any court actions and/or industrial tribunals outstanding against your organisation? Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    If Yes - provide details

    Has your organisation been involved in any court actions and/or industrial tribunals in the past three years?

    Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    If Yes- provide details here:

    Please give names and responsibilities of directors/ partners of the business (indicate here if not applicable):

    Section 4 - Health & Safety

    4.1 All contractors undertaking works under this tender must satisfy the Parish Council of their competency of health and safety.

    4.2 Important - In order to process your tender, please provide a copy of your company health and safety policy and site specific risk assessment method statement associated with the works you are being invited to tender for as per the CONDAM regulations (2015) Your tender will not be considered without these documents.

    Section 5 - Human Resources

    Please review and answer the following question. YesNoOPB - One Person Business

    5.1 It is the contractor's responsibility to show evidence that they comply with all relevant laws and legislation. To include (but not exclusively) modern day slavery, equality, race regulations, equal pay act,

    5.2 In the last three years has any finding of unlawful discrimination in the employment field being made against your organisation by the Employment Tribunal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal or any court or commission in a formal investigation?

    Yes/No/OPB (Delete as applicable)

    5.3 In the last three years has any finding of unlawful discrimination in ANY field been made against your organisation by the Employment Tribunal or any court or in comparable proceedings in any other jurisdictions on the grounds of alleged unlawful discrimination on the grounds of disability, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

    Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    5.4 In the last three years has any contract with your organisation been terminated on the grounds of failure to comply with either or both:

    a) Legislation prohibiting discrimination

    Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    b) Contract conditions relating to equal opportunities in the provision of goods, services or facilities?

    Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    Has your business been convicted, in the past three years of breaching any other areas of UK legislation?

    Yes/No (Delete as applicable)

    5.5 If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, please provide details on a separate sheet headed with the relevant question number including the date of each occasion, the finding and what corrective organisational changes you have taken as a consequence.

    Section 6 - References

    6.1 Please complete details for at least 3 references for current or recent contracts /provisions of services. The council will contact these referees as part of supplier evaluation immediately following receipt of your tender and your permission to do so will be assumed.

    6.2 Please supply reference details below:

    Reference 1

    Reference 2

    Reference 3

    Site Details

    Contact Name

    Telephone Number

    Email Address

    Brief description

    Completion Date

    Tender Price


    Final Costs

    Section 7 - Insurance

    7.1 Please provide details of your organisation's insurance protection in relation to employer's liability, public liability and professional indemnity.




    Employers Liability (please indicate if OPB)

    Public Liability

    Professional Liability

    7.2 Your tender must be accompanied with proof of Employers liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000 (ten million pounds) or more. Your tender will not be considered without this document. The contractor will maintain Public, Professional and Employer liability insurance (if applicable) throughout the term of the contract.

    Section 8 - Environmental

    8.1 Tenderers are required to remove from site all waste materials including but not restricted to woods, metals, plastic, glass. Only clean topsoil to remain on site as agreed in writing prior to commencement of works. Placement of topsoil to be agreed prior to works. Topsoil will be used to build play facilities for young children and therefore must not contain hazardous materials.

    8.2 Tenderers should indicate how they separate and dispose of the materials described in this clause, and indicate methods of storage of hazardous substances, eg fuel etc.

    Section 9 - Additional Information

    9.1 Please describe on a separate sheet, your experience of providing services similar to those you wish to provide under this tender

    9.2 The contractor shall provide a copy of their VAT registration number and documentation with the tender

    9.3 Your tender must be accompanied by a schedule of daywork rates for both labour and materials

    9.4 The execution of the works should be in accordance with the conditions specified herein. Any orders placed will be on such conditions and to the exclusion of any other conditions unless the same are expressly agreed by the council in writing.

    9.5 Your tender must include a programme of works with proposed start and finish dates and in any case should not exceed 8 weeks from the start of works, unless agreed in writing with the council.

    9.6 Your tender must be a fixed price for 12 months from the date of the quotation.

    9.7 Your tender must be all inclusive of materials, labour and plant.

    9.8 Your tender must include a full bill of quantities

    9.9 Applicants are advised that all costs incurred either directly or indirectly must be borne by them and under no circumstances will the council be liable. The council may at its discretion decide to abandon the procurement at any stage prior to contract award.

    9.10 The council discloses expenditure over £500 and as such any successful tenderer should expect that the spend against the project will be disclosed on the councils website and other publications. Commercially sensitive information will be redacted prior to publication What constitutes commercially sensitive will be a matter for the council, however tenderers are invited to identify information considered to be commercially sensitive in writing at the time of submission.

    Section 10 - Commercial Information

    10.1 Pricing Instructions

    A document indicating scope of works is attached (Appendix 1). You are required to review that document and respond with appropriate costs.

    All works scheduled are to be agreed with the clerk of the Parish Council.

    10.2 Payment Terms

    • The council will only make staged payments against itemised contractor invoices. The staging is to be detailed in the tender and agreed with the council prior to works commencing.
    • Payment will be made by BACS
    • Retention - all payments will be full less 10% retention unless otherwise agreed in writing by the council,
    • Subject to the contractor completing all works, 50% of the retention shall be released to the contract upon satisfactory completion of the works and ROSPA inspection. The balance shall be released to the contractor upon satisfactory completion of the first period of maintenance to include successful ROSPA inspection.
    • Retention will only be released upon receipt of written notice from the contractor stating the amount to be released.
    • Invoices will be paid within a period of 90 days following the receipt of invoice.

    Invoices received for work that has not been authorised by the council will not be paid.

    No additional work is to be undertaken without the express written permission from the council.

    In order to receive payment any contractor must possess a valid HMRC registration number, a copy of which must be presented to the Clerk of the Parish prior to works commencing.

    If the contractor is declared bankrupt, is liquidated or placed into administration, the contract will immediately become null and void.

    If the contractor is found guilty of committing fraudulent acts (whether or not associated with this contract), the council will have the right to terminate the contract without prior notice.

    10.3 Accompanied Site Visit

    A site visit may be arranged prior to the tender closure date. All site visits must be accompanied by a member of the parish council MUGA organisation team and agreed in advance.

    All tenderers are required to satisfy themselves that they are in possession of sufficient information to prepare a detailed, fixed price offer. If any errors are made due to failure to obtain such information, the responsibility lies with the tenderer.

    Section 11 - Health and Safety

    11.1 The Contractor will comply with the Health & Safety/Risk assessment best practice.

    11.2 All persons operating machinery and equipment must be appropriately trained. The Contractors shall provide to the clerk of the Parish adequate proof that all operatives are well trained and conversant with the Health & Safety legislation and are competent in their operating methods, prior to commencing any works.

    11.3 The contractor is required to notify the clerk of the parish council immediately of any accidents, near misses or environmental incidents such as oil or diesel spillages. The contractor is expected to carry spillage kits.

    11.4 The site must remain secure throughout the build and safe for field users. Access must be maintained for allotment and field users at all times (excluding the site of construction).


    Organisational Checklist


    Organisation Identity

    Legal Information

    Health & Safety - including safety policy & site specific risk assessment /method statement

    References - 3 references included

    Insurance - have you included proof of employers liability to the value of £10m


    Description of previous experience of similar services

    Copy of VAT registration number

    Schedule of daywork rates for labour and materials

    Programme of works with proposed start and end dates

    Full bill of quantities

    Fixed price offer

    Tender submitted by email as specified above

    Signed (Electronic signature is acceptable)




    Position in company

    Email address

    Tel No

    Appendix 1

    Scope of works:

    RemovalRemedial works:

    All groundworks waste materials must be removed from site, or agreed with the council in writing to leave on site.

    All trees to remain in place and be protected during works, except where specified for removal.

    All disturbed surfaces - whether due to works or by plantmaterials must be restored to their original condition prior to completion of the works and signed off in writing by the council.


    • Discuss as appropriate with Parish Council any factors which may enhance or restrict the supply of a MUGA and car park as specified below - in advance of tender submission.
    • Supply and install 1 x MUGA to consist of:

    ○ A hard wearing artificial surface (not grass) for sports and casual use (total size 36mx18m) which is permeable to avoid flooding or puddling and usable in all weather.

    ○ Safe and low height rebound surround of metal all around with the ends higher to accommodate a basketball hoop. Minimise vandalism.

    ○ Access via the appropriately sized goal ends

    ○ Line marking for multi-sports, appropriately coloured - of appropriate and official court size - must include tennis and football

    ○ Safe means of access via footpath to/from the car park area.

    ○ Lighting - low level, low light pollution, low vandalism, low maintenance, low power usage. A suitable timer must be provided to limit the time that lights remain lit and prevent lighting during anti-social hours (for example between 9pm and 8am).To be quoted separately - Price A to include lighting, Price B to exclude lighting. Must be connected to existing Parish Council supply as agreed with the Parish Council prior to commencement.

    ○ Safety signage to advise safe use of the facilities.

    MUGA and associated works to be approved by ROSPA inspection prior to sign off and handover.

    • To supply and install 1 x car park to consist of:

    ○ Base to be permeable surface consisting of similar design to plastic permeable pavers backfilled with grass, such as Enduragrid - or equivalent.

    ○ Approximate dimension of 30m by 24m. To accommodate 32 bays at 5m x 2.4m or as advised. Existing trees (No. 5) to be removed or incorporated if practical.

    ○ Break into existing car park by removing two parking bays for example.

    ○ Removal of existing kerbing and grass to gain additional parking spaces in existing car park.

    ○ Installation of appropriate surround material such as kerbing

    ○ Appropriate lighting - preference is low level, low polluting, timed and sensor activated

    ○ During the installation works, all conduit shall be protected to avoid damage. Conduit ends shall be fitted with a coupler and screwed plug to prevent the ingress of materials. No inline joints to wiring will be permitted.

    ○ Footpath along the East side of the new carpark - between the car park and allotments to connect to footpath along Brookside and footpath around MUGA

    For both the MUGA and Car Park it is important that the following is supplied where appropriate:

    • A set of drawings showing the schematic layout of the overall system and interconnection diagrams.
    • List of equipment supplies including manufacturer, model, material number for any equipment installed
    • The names, addresses, telephone numbers of all component suppliers, together with type and model references, serial numbers, duty rating, capacity and the order number and date.

    During the build, Heras type fencing with appropriate signage must be used. All materials are the risk of the contractor during the build, until the project is delivered and written acceptance of the Parish Council has been completed. No welfare facilities are available on site. Water is available through standard ½" tap from the cricket pavilion.

    Additional Information

    The following information is provided without liability and to aid tenderers with the design of the MUGA and car park.

    MUGA Considerations:

    • Open to public at all times.
    • We welcome contractors opinion of how other uses may be incorporated into the overall design to maximise investment. For example, street snooker on one of the goal ends.
    • Minimal maintenance costs
    • Minimal upkeep - ie sweep and possible weed treatment

    Site locations - the MUGA site is flat, open and easily accessible, it is located away from immediate properties to reduce disturbance to local residents, close to other play facilities, visible from the highway to aid with security, and any build must not increase flood risk to others. Any lighting must consider light pollution to local residents and the surrounding fields and allotments.

    The CarPark location is adjacent to the existing tarmac car park, flat, open and accessible. It is located adjacent to an allotment and residential properties. Any build must consider local residents and the rural setting.

    MUGA Uses: (The contractor should demonstrate which sports the MUGA will be suitable for)

    Basketball - 28m x 15m

    Netball - 30m x 15m

    Tennis - 23mx8m (full size court) (Mandatory)

    Football (5-a-side) - 36mx18m (Mandatory)

    Dodgeball - 17mx8m

    Volleyball - 18mx9m

    Hockey - 36mx18m for practice purposes

    MUGA Plan Diagram

    A footpath should extend along the full length of one side to provide clean access to the court, safe viewing area and equipment storage for users of the court (ie boot bags, coats, water bottles etc). This path should extend to and join with a clean surface - such as the footpath at the village hall. The entrance should be through the goals to prevent injury - avoiding side entrance points.

    MUGA Court & path

    The end goals could be imagined to be something as shown below (see picture below), however full height at each end would be better for ball sports, with a lower (approx 3-4ft) fence along either long side of the court in matching materials.

    Appendix 2 - Location

    Site location - East Hanney, Wantage, Oxfordshire

    Site Location: Brookside, East Hanney

    Approximate Site Location - MUGA(Blue) & Car Park(Orange) & Footpath(Green)

    Appendix 3

    East Hanney Parish Council

    Expression of Interest Form


    This form must be received by noon on 22nd January 2021

    Failure to do so will result in exclusion from Tender process


    Company Name

    Contact Name

    We confirm our interest in tendering for the creation of a new MUGA and car park located at War Memorial Hall, Brookside, East Hanney, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 0JL

    Any further information in respect of this tender, including answers to questions raised by any tendering organisations should be addressed to the following:



    Tel No


    Signed (Electronic Signature acceptable)

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